LankaSolution is an industry leading research and development company. We are very much focus into web and mobile.

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LankaSolution is a trusted long-term technology partner for global industry leaders, technology innovators, established businesses striving for innovation, as well as ambitious start-ups. Our domain expertise plays a vital role in developing websites, mobile, and web applications using cutting-edge technology adhering to the latest development trends.

// We Are

Your Partner for
Software Innovation

LankaSolution is an industry-leading Research & Development Company that focuses Web & Mobile Application Development. We intend to provide effective software solutions & work with innovative research teams. Our software products are being used by a diverse clientele based across East Asia & the European countries at present.

To be a leading technology service provider in web & mobile convergence is our vision. 

At LankaSolution we maintain high standards when it comes to our product quality, providing a professional service, and post-implementation support. Our engineering teams consist of qualified and experienced professionals who are deeply in touch with upcoming trends of cutting-edge technologies. 

We specialize in accelerating software project success by bringing innovations to life faster and lowering the cost of production while ensuring a superior final product. LankaSolution engineering teams focus on providing technical expertise to bring innovations to market faster while enabling them to leverage our skills and experience in areas such as SAAS and Mobility.

Our Mission
Our Mission

To provide reliable offshore/on site software development,Research Products, resource outsourcing and QA services through innovative use of technology and resources that can make valuable contributions to client businesses.

Our Vision
Our Vision

Be a leading technology provider in web and mobile convergence

Our Philosophy
Our Philosophy

Maintain high standards when it comes to product quality and assurance, professional services and post implementation support

Our Strategy
Our Strategy

  • Friendliness
  • Continuous communication
  • Reduce cost
  • Trust
  • Privacy and Security
  • Customer Commitment
  • Flexibility

// Experience. Execution. Excellence.

What We Actually Do

Application Development

LankaSolution do research & development in mobile and computer vision space to find solutions which can make an impact to the information society.


Providing skillful, experienced subject matter experts for the given requirement using various  engagement  methods. Our technical team is mainly focused on customer satisfaction, commitment and timely deliverables.

Quality Assurance

We are recognized as a one of best QA service provider in the region. We  do end to end testing  and make sure your product has a quality to cater it requirements with 100% accuracy.